We are a digital studio working at the forefront of technology, ideas and strategy for the digital and experiential space.


We focus on how to best use and amplify brands through emerging creative technology, clever narratives and multiple platforms. In a world where content is everything, we create products that allow the everyday user to expand their creative potential.

We also are also lovers of culture, whether that be music, art – bringing brands in line with todays aesthetics and trends.

We have created a specific Creative Process from having worked with some of the most important brands, institutions and artists to transform their practices.

Creative Process.

Our Creative Process at the Assembly works around a few important steps. We believe in critical design process, as any sort of new endeavor takes both experimentation and thinking outside of the box.

All of our projects involve a combination of prototyping, a full proposal and creative brief in advance of moving forward. We believe in prototypes as an important step in the process, especially when new technology and innovation is involved. We also believe in fleshed out concepts and strategic ideas to put a client at ease in advance of moving forward.

We believe that this helps as a method of translation of what the larger vision for the project is, and therefore are willing to do these as part of our proposal stage in advance of moving forward with a project.


Who you are.
Brand Identity.

We fill one of the most important gaps in the creative economy today – merging new technology with culture and branding – and delivering that to the public. In all of our projects we bring our deep knowledge of tech, music, art, and social media to the client.

Show your work.

We choose the most strategic methods of content – with a team experienced in apps, effects, video, AR and experiential activations, we always figure out the best possible streams for any specific campaign.

We are one.

Collaboration is a big part of what we do here at Generate App. We work with a number of valued partners to help amplify our output and process.


Hello Stranger brings brands and artists together to collaborate using innovation, content creation and social media to develop dynamic creative partnerships. Through the use of music, they influence and impact today’s evolving culture from content, experiences, brand strategy and of course, collaboration.

HFour is an experiential studio that focuses on Art, technology and creating a seamless experience between the two. Through the use of video, lights, code and sound, they create immersive installations for events, conferences, public spaces, festivals and museums.

Gamomo is a motion graphics design studio that creates an engaging experience for the audience through art in motion. From product videos for startups, title sequences and VFX for music and entertainment, to corporate branding and event visuals, they are truly a powerhouse of artistic media production.

Tangible Interaction creates sensory installations that use human instincts to play, explore and generate talk value through a shared experience. They create public artworks and installations for events and venues with a range of experiential products being used in areas across the globe.

META creates multi-sensory live experiences technology, design and storytelling. META Experiences are crafted to combine intelligence, craft and artistry with live, immersive creative technologies to create memorable moments.


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